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At Sponsor A Staff ™ we help organize 'Social Circus' outreach trips to developing countries. Social Circus is an intervention methodology that targets ‘at-risk’ youth and uses Movement Art as a medium to increase personal awareness, encourage expression, strengthen discipline, and foster community. The life skills gained from successful Social Circus programs leave youth with heightened autonomy, self-esteem, physical coordination, communication and adaptability skills, and a greater potential to succeed, no matter the obstacle.

Through community driven fundraisers, donations, sponsored workshops, merchandise sales, auctions, and performances, we help improve the lives of thousands of children around the globe

Please help us foster this social mentorship and help transform the world one staff at a time!

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Our range of programs are offered at no cost to over 5000 children across the world. All donations RECEIVED go directly towards supporting the creation and EXECUTION of outreach trips to developing countries.

Thanks to contributions from our patrons, several of our staff members are currently working to improve the lives of at-risk children throughout Kenya in partnership with the Sarakasi Trust and Performers Without Borders   



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