Brothers and Co-Founders



Enrico Vinholi, SolRiso, is an International Movement Artist. He was born to Brazilian parents in the United States and spent much of his youth traveling.  

In his adult life Enrico has distinguished himself amongst the United States Flow Arts community and now tries to use his networking connections to enable himself, and other like minded individuals to travel to underprivileged communities to Perform, Inspire and Teach. 

After receiving his degree in Psychology, Enrico devoted himself to studying movement art therapy and developing efficacy enhancing curriculum for children and adults alike.  With your support he hopes to build his project internationally!


Enzo Vinholi, a freshman at the University of Saint Thomas, Co-Founded Sponsor A Staff with his older brother Enrico and currently acts as Chief Operating Officer.

Enzo is also the founder of a successful technology startup company called Like It Was Yesterday (.org) which aims to improve the lives of those suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease through the use of a non-invasive form of treatment which heavily utilizes virtual reality. You can learn more about his work here

He is also a musician and plays bass for the up-and-coming chamber pop group known as Good Luck Finding Iris whose newest EP titled Patience, was named one of the best local albums of winter 2018 (among albums produced by notable artists such as Prince and Atmosphere) by The Current, Minnesota.

Check out Patience here. 

Meet Our Ambassadors

Spades (aka Tyler Macklin) is a fire performer from Portland, Oregon. He was first entranced with fire in 2007 when he experienced it at the Oregon Country Fair. Immediately he researched ways to build his own fire toys and began teaching himself in his spare time. After three years of keeping it to himself, Spades decided to start taking the art seriously and began doing public performances and teaching workshops around Oregon. At first he organized groups around Eugene and Portland, but soon realized he could reach many more people by traveling to various festivals first around the west coast and then beyond. Spades continues to travel and share his passion for flow arts whenever possible.

-Tyler has toured with Performers without borders before and is one of the 2018 Kenya tour trip leaders

-Toured with Spark Circus 2013 teaching workshops and performing for Burmese refugee children on Thai/Burma border

-Instructor and performer at Fire DrumsPacific Fire GatheringKinetic FireMadskillz Vancouver, and Portland Juggling Festival

-Taught workshops and performed throughout Costa Rica, Thailand, USA, and Canada

Support Tyler's adventures directly HERE.


Ariana Madappa is a international performer who specializes in fire performance and dance. She has a passion for traveling and tries to inspire as many people as she can along the way. Children are her favorite audience to teach and perform for because of the amount of joy and excitement that it brings them.

Being of Indian dissent, Ariana wants to bring her love of Circus arts to India. She is planning on starting a summer camp in Bangalore in the summer of 2018 after gaining experience in the 2018 Performers without Borders Tour. 

You can support Ariana's adventures directly HERE.