Sarakasi Circus Trust, Kenya


“Sarakasi, established in Nairobi in 2001, strives to empower its trainees and contracted artists creatively and economically by giving them tools to manage their art, lives and careers more effectively and successfully.

The Trust aims to present the best of Kenyan creativity to the widest possible audience by organizing festivals and events, cultural exchanges, local and international performance contracts and tours. 

Sarakasi also implements special social development programs such as the Talanta training (involving hearing impaired and deaf performing artists), the Smiles for Change Project (bringing edutainment to hospitalized children and children in homes and remand homes), monthly musicians workshops, Artist Agency, and the implementation of its own cultural agenda at the Sarakasi Dome, in Nairobi, its office, rehearsal and performance venue.”

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Performers Without Borders

We teach Performing Arts to vulnerable children in countries of high child poverty. We believe that children are the future. Through empowering the individual and building confidence, creativity and learning we can overcome social barriers to build a more positive united world.

Performers Without Borders (PWB) works towards giving vulnerable children the opportunity to explore their potential. We understand that, through teaching performance skills an individual’s learningcreativity and team working skills are developed. Further, it helps to build confidencedevelop empowerment and overcome social barriers. PWB’s methodology of following the tradition of travelling show, and the principle of fostering long-term relationships, is ideal in not only engaging children, but also ensuring community trust in the project.

PWB envisages a world where all children are able to realise their full potential, and have an understanding of different culturesthe complexity of development issues and the importance of personal action.


PWB will work with partners who engage with vulnerable children in their community to develop centres of performing arts around the world. These centres will act as a means by which international development issues are explored and cross cultural understanding is promoted.

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